VectorShapes is an
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Welcome - this site was built with HTML5, CSS, SVG and the Dart Programming Language.

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Hokusai Manga

Everything here
can be used on
the web or in
programs like
Adobe Illustrator.

I'm currently working on v2 (a complete rebuild with angular, polymer and paper elements).

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This 'about' page would not be complete without a mention of the key technologies that make it so: Johan Gielis' Superformula is inspirational in its ability to tie the beauty of mathematics with that of the natural world; Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), the standard in 2D graphics and one of the most useful developments of the web; and the Dart programming language, a new software development environment that makes complex web development a breeze.

Browser compatibility - It would be great for the site if it worked correctly accross all web browsers. While we've only used standard techniques, unfortunately in some browsers, support of these techniques are still developing. The code is also not bug free, so please stay tuned as cross browser support will improve in the future!

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Download Link: vectorshapes.svg

Usage: After copying code: 1) paste into a blank file and save with extension '.svg' then include reference to file in img source attribute (<img src='yourfile.svg' >) OR open in program such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape; 2) Paste code directly into a html document.

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